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Green Dog Training offers a variety of obedience training programs
Green Dog Training offers a variety of obedience training programs
Our dog training facility offers both board and training and one on one private dog training lessons
Our trainers have over a decade of experience providing top notch obedience training for dogs in the Houston area
Through years of housebreaking experience we have developed a short, complete, and easy to follow instruction manual to help train your dog
Proper nutrition is not only vital to the dog's health and prevention of disease but can also play an important part in the animal's behavior and training.
Every dog we train deserves our full attention. contact us today to schedule an appointment
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    Green Dog Training is a Houston dog obedience training company that has a variety of obedience training programs in the form of both Board and Train, and individual Private Lessons. We also offer Housebreaking Instruction, and Consultations.  All of our Houston dog training programs are customized to fit your dog's specific needs.  Our obedience programs are designed to give the obedience training that dogs need, from the new puppy to the adult dog.

     We use positive reinforcement dog training techniques so you can
rest assure that your dog will be handled with great care.  
Our methods are science-based techniques.  Training is gentle and NOT harsh so the dogs willingly want to comply.  Shock collars, pinch collars and choke chains are NEVER used.  We do not use fear or bribery methods.  We utilize reward-based training techniques.  At Green Dog Training, we understand dogs and their needs. We realize that every dog is an individual. Each with their own specific needs, traits, and unique factors that affect their behavior. We have the knowledge and experience to identify the reason why a dog displays unwanted behaviors and know the proper remedies to shape their behaviors to desired ones.  We DO NOT have a "cookie cutter" approach t0 dog  training.  Each dog is trained by what works for that specific dog.  Motivating them into desired behaviors which develop into good habits. Our personal touch sets us far apart from the rest.

     We take pride in our certified and highly experienced trainer. 
The experts at Green Dog Training are highly trained professionals
 who dedicate themselves to helping make life easier between you and your dog.

     We think that every customer deserves 100% of our attention when they come to Green Dog, so we are strictly by appointment only.
For those that would like to visit our obedience training center, we are
happy to schedule a private tour and consultation. We are proud of our Houston dog training company, and we are glad to provide the obedience training so that your dog can be a great part of your family.
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Dog & Puppy Training

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We offer Board & Train and Private Lessons.
Call today to enroll in one of our training programs .
We train around distractions
We train PTSD companion dogs
All dogs are advanced to their own personal best
Boarding is also available to our graduates.

Jessica Nelson reviewed Green Dog Training — 
5 star
May 11, 2017 · 

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a good dog trainer? We do. Paws for Heroes has contacted and interviewed over 200 trainers in the last four years for its program. (We provide professionally trained shelter dogs for veterans with PTSD). There are many dog trainers in Houston. Some are really good dog trainers but lack the interpersonal skills to work with veterans. Some trainers are great with people... but are not very good dog trainers. To find a trainer who is excellent and great with people is extremely difficult to find. We are lucky enough to be able to work with Kelly Green. Kelly is a dedicated professional dog trainer who only accepts a certain number of clients at a time to ensure the quality of results. Kelly is professional, very hard working and is great with people. Our veterans have loved working with Kelly and appreciate how much she cares about giving back to our veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country. Thank you Green Dog Training, Kelly and Carl!