One of the most important decisions you can make for your dog or puppy is to feed him or her a high quality pet food, rich in the fundamental nutrients your dog needs to maintain vitality and good health.  Proper nutrition is not only vital to an animal's health and prevention of disease but can also play an important part in the animal's behavior.  A dog on an unbalanced diet may exhibit signs of anxiety, hyperactivity, aggravation, moodiness, or depression.  Premium pet food can make a drastic improvement in a dog both physically and behaviorally.  We recommend and sell a dog food that uses only fresh, natural, wholesome ingredients that provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition.

This new generation dog food contains whole foods such as apples, carrots, alfalfa and whole garlic.  This food is nutrient dense in antioxidants, phytochemical and other health promoting compounds not previously found in processed dog foods.
This food contains NO: 
This food DOES contain 
HIGH QUALITY PROTEIN SOURCES - Hormone and steroid free chicken meal.  High quality egg which is one of the most digestible forms of protein, and contain many nutrients including vitamins A, B, E, K, biotin, sulfur and amino acids...all needed for cell growth.  Fish meal, another high quality protein source and is rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, great for the health of your dog's skin, coat and overall well-being.  All proteins are derived form human-grade processing plants.   
NATURAL PRESERVATIVES - Preserved with natural mixed tocopherols (vitamin E).  
POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS - Containing powerful antioxidants from natural sources.  Scientific studies prove antioxidants help deter over 60 degenerative diseases including kidney disease, heart disease and even cancer.
 By-products, artificial colors or flavors or chemical preservatives. No corn, wheat, or dairy are used which are common allergens for dogs.
FATTY ACIDS - Containing fatty acids from fish meal and fish oils.  Fatty acids are important for a healthy and shiny coat as well are of vital importance in the body's control of illness.
CHELATED MINERALS - Chelated minerals for increased absorption in the body.
PROBIOTICS - Contains five probiotics, such as Lactobacillus Acidophilus, which help promote a healthy digestive tract by maintaining the delicate balance of friendly bacteria in your dog's intestines.  This is important because the digestive tract is the barrier between whatever your dog eats and its blood stream.  Probiotics also help keep stools regular.
PREMIUM AND FRESH INGREDIENTS - The ingredients listed on the label do not vary due to price.  The ingredients are ordered in smaller quantities to ensure that the premium health foods are wholesome and nutrient rich.  In addition, you will generally receive the food within two weeks from the day it was made!
Can this food be fed to Puppies and Senior Dogs?  Yes!
This food was formulated and fed and tested according to the nutritional profiles of the American Association of Feed Control Officials for all stages of life;  puppy and senior included.  If a food is high quality, there is no need to feed a puppy food.  A puppy food generally has more calories per cup and the pellets are small.  While some people think that puppies need more calcium than adults, according to AAFCO, both puppy food and adult food requires a 1/1 ratio of calcium to phosphorous; which our dog food has.  This food is also great for senior dogs because it is highly digestible and contains the antioxidants and high quality protein that senior dogs require.

The food is nutrient dense so pets typically eat about 25%-30% less than they would other foods which not only helps with housebreaking but also make a bag of food go further.  We also offer antioxidant health bars, dental treats, and the products to aid with skin and coat irritations.

To find out more information on this food and how to purchase it at a discount, call us at 281-821-4715.
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Green Dog Training offers a variety of obedience training programs