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Jeff S.

I adopted Sam in early June 2008 from Houston Beagle & Hound Rescue. He was clearly a great dog but had a bad habit of "door bolting" and in general had low confidence, etc. Being a rescue dog this was understandable. Sensing that Sam was a smart boy, and still young at 1.5 years, I sent Sam to Green Dog for a 14-day training camp after speaking with Kelly on the phone. The facilities are wonderful and Kelly was obviously a very experienced and caring dog trainer. So off to training camp Sam went.Sam came back so different - he was calmer, more confident, and didn't run out the door anymore, which is great unless you like chasing a young fast dog around the block when its 100 degrees in Houston! 
He learned his commands in no time, and now I can command him to sit, down, off and so forth whenever required. Since Sam is young and full of energy, these commands are great to control him both indoors and outdoors - plus Sam can show all my friends and neighbors all the commands he knows and how well he can behave with just hand signals.
So, thanks to Kelly for helping Sam become the best Beagle he can be !!!  
I highly recommend Kelly and Green Dog for that special dog that just needs some training for whatever issue or need

All the Best - and thanks again!

Susan & Jimmy T

Upon the recommendation of a friend we chose Green Dog Training to train our English bulldog puppy, Lucy. She was eight months old when she went in for training and had the usual issues a puppy her age had - chewing, not obeying commands and not being quiet in her crate. We inspected the facility beforehand and found it to be a great setting. It was the cleanest kennel we had ever seen and we liked that it was temperature controlled. Lucy stayed for 10 days and when we picked her up we were amazed at how well she learned the commands. She loved the staff and even began eating a great new food that they offer for sale. Three months later she still knows her commands and has not chewed anything since she got home. Lucy is boarding at Green Dog this week and I know she will be excited when she sees Kelly - and we will have peace of mind knowing she is in great hands.

Thanks Green Dog!

Virginia B.

We met Kelly when we got our first Jack Russell, "Bella" and were so pleased with the training that we brought her daughter "Edie" in several years later. Edie is our "special child" - extremely high strung and very stubborn. Kelly did a wonderful job working with both dogs and they are now very happy living in Holland where they love taking walks on their leads and we love that
they are so well behaved.

I have recommended Green Dog Training to everyone I know that has a dog in need of training for years and will

continue to do so in the future.

Thanks again

Pat & Les M.

I wanted to thank you for the care and attention you gave to Ringo while he was in your care.  Ringo, to refresh your memory, a cute Papillon puppy, who was Alpha dominate over the household. It is amazing to me that a little 
5-pound ball of fur could be so stubborn and crazy. He took advantage of the fact that shortly after he arrived at his new home, I had to have major ankle reconstruction and was on crutches for 6 weeks. Ringo decided that it was fun to chew the furniture, clothes, and anything else within reach, including my fingers.

When I talked to you about Ringo and was assured that these habits could be altered, I was to say the least, a little doubtful. So, you can imagine my amazement when we picked Ringo, up after boarding, that he was obedient, watchful, and controllable. In 2 weeks and a few extra days, he learned to Sit, Sit-Stay, Down, Down-Stay, Heel, Come, No, Off, and walk on a leash, He also did so well that he learned some special tricks. He had gained some weight and his fur was full and fluffy.  

With your help, Ringo is now a joy to have as a companion and party of our family. But after a few weeks Ringo was trying to assert his dominance over me and I was able to bring him back in for a little refresher course. I was surprised that he remembered you and was so glad to be back for a visit. Of course he was perfect for you, and performed like a champ. I learned that he did not forget, he was just trying to show me that he would do it on his terms. Well, you gave me a few helpful hints that I put into use and Ringo has been great since then. I am sure we will be in again for another refresher course in the future, besides I think he missed you.

​In short we want to thank you for all the care , compassion and individual time you spent on Ringo, it makes it easier to know that when needed there is a good, safe place for Ringo to stay.

Thanks again

Caroline and Chris B.

Once again Caroline and I would like to thank you for doing a terrific job training Maggie. Through your in-house training at Green Dog, you have turned our "hyper" 5 month old Labrador into the family pet we desired. What we like most about your training is that Maggie did not lose her spirit or personality while at Green Dog, but, she gained structure. Now we know why our veterinarian
recommends your training facility.

Sharon P.

I have recommended you to many of my friends. Our little furry friend has been so much more enjoyable since he received your training. Before you taught "us" the proper training techniques, our dog did not respond to my commands. After you guided us through the process, we now have a pet that brings us much joy, and is a much happier little fellow himself. He now understands who is the "lead dog" and so do I. The style of training was one that was gentle but firm. Proper training is the key to fully enjoying being a pet owner. It was the best money we ever spent.

Thanks again for all your help

Janet F.

When we brought angel to you she was an untrained and high strung puppy. You worked wonders with her! When we got her back she was housebroken, knew her commands, and had much better manners. Angel is now a very pleasant companion!

Allison D.

I thought I'd write and send you a picture of Mickey. He's 4 years old now and we still practice the obedience you taught him every day. He's so cute when he does his "tricks". I love it!

Bill & Nancy C.

Kelly's training is totally caring and masterful. My babies just love her; and because of this,
we trust her completely.

Mary M. - SMART Rescue Volunteer

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity in helping me with my SMART Rescue foster dogs. Each dog that I bring into my home presents new challenges--some need extensive medical help, some just need good old TLC, but others like Audrey, Shiloh, Tia, and Zia need training and obedience before they can be placed. Honestly, without your help, it would have been difficult for me to properly prepare them for adoption. Thanks to the time and effort you spent with them, they all found their forever homes, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I tell people that my SMART dogs are special because they went to Green Dog for etiquette training!  
You truly gave each a special gift and a second chance for a great life.

Andy S.

We want to thank you so much for taking our new stray dog Daisy and transforming her behavior! Daisy came to live with us after being found abandoned. She was around 1 year old and was absolutely sweet and gorgeous. Her one downfall was her lack of social skills.  Being 70 pounds and bouncing up and jumping to greet someone can be quite scary and painful. She had no interest in minding us and was nearly impossible to take for a walk. She also lacked any sense of personal space. We really wanted to keep Daisy but we have small children and she was constantly knocking them down and running over them in her desire to play and have fun. Green Dog had been highly recommended by a good friend so we thought we would give it a try. We dropped Daisy off for a two week stay. Hopeful, but not thinking her behavior could be altered that drastically in two short weeks, we waited eagerly to pick her up. We were stunned at how this beautiful dog would sit, stay, lay down, and stop at a door. We could even walk her on a leash without being pulled around!  Because the trainers used principles of behavior, positive reinforcement, and love to train her she was still the same sweet, enthusiastic dog we left there.  Daisy is a loving, well-behaved, member of our family.  
We thank Kelly and Green Dog for getting her behaviors under control! 
 I recommend them to anyone who needs help! 


My husband and I were living on an oil company compound in West Africa in the country of Equatorial Guinea. Having made friends with the American Embassy ambassador's wife, I received a call that a wire haired fox terrier had shown up at the embassy's front gate, obviously lost. She suggested that having been unable to locate his owner, we might want to adopt him! After meeting the dog, we decided to give him a home. He walked well on a leash, was house broken, and loved to ride in a car. However, he displayed seperation anxiety when left alone, shadowed my every step and wanted to "do something" all day. He was unhappy to the point of not eating for days after being boarded. After 4 years and several unsuccessful attempts at professional training, we decided to to give Green Dog a try in their 14 day session. This was to be Rocky's last chance to become the dog we needed him to become. Kelly and Carl run a fantastic business! The clean environment combined with their compassion and experience in training dogs provided Rocky everything he needed to become confident, less anxious, and obedient to command. He now responds to sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay and does not bolt out the door. What has really been the best result of Green Dog training is that Rocky is more calm, able to remain in a room while we are in another and actually choosing some nights to sleep in another room from us. When meeting new dogs, he is more friendly and less assertive as he had been before he went to Green Dog. We had considered placing Rocky in another home due to the high level of stress he had created in our home. We are now able to enjoy his company and all credit goes to Kelly and Carl for their excellent care and training. Thank you Green Dog for changing Rocky's life and ours for the better!! I will be referring your business to my vet
and anyone who would benefit by your talents.

Kaibo B.

Green Dog did an exceptional job of training our 1-year old shar-pei. She could not be acclimated to other dogs due to a heart condition as a puppy. Kelly did a great job of showing us how to be better owners and the value of consistency when training.

Mama E.

Kelly did a really good job of training my labradoodle puppy. She stayed for 2 weeks and was well trained when we picked her. I like that they use positive motivation techniques unlike other trainers | have heard of. I could tell she loved them and loved being there. if i ever get another puppy, she will be the first person I call!

Denise N.

Kelly and Carl were outstanding in their training of our dog.

Sherri Y.

We are so very pleased with the obedience training that was taught to our border collie Drake. He's only 4 months old and will follow all commands. This made a huge difference in his behavior compared to how he behaved before the training. I would definitely recommend Green Dog Training to anyone that is searching for help with their dog. I called several and chose them over the others because they use "positive reinforcement" training, which is what I was looking for. No choke collars or shock collars used here. Thanks Kelly for all that you did for our Drake. :)

Rod D.

Kelly trained has trained two labs for me. The 1si one was 17 years ago and the second was about 4 years ago. The older dog has passed on but both dogs never forgot the training and stayed obedient and happy.
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